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ProviderLocationPrice ($)Virt.CPURAM (MB)Swap (MB)Disk (GB)B/W (GB)IPv4IPv6Remarks
Host NunLas Vegas, US1.50OpenVZ4128256128881No IPv6Code : LOWENDOFFER
Host NunLas Vegas, US2.00OpenVZ4256512248881No IPv6Code : LOWENDOFFER
CrissicFlorida, US2.00OpenVZ35125121002000216
Dr. ServerNew York, US2.70Xen2256053001No IPv6Windows VPS, SSD
Bandwagon HostFlorida and Arizona2.99OpenVZ15126455001No IPv6SSD
LeapSwitchFrankfurt, DE3.00OpenVZ12561281122211Code: LEOVPSA
Host NunLas Vegas, US3.00OpenVZ651210244818881No IPv6Code : LOWENDOFFER
Host HatchStockholm, SE3.00OpenVZ25125122010001No IPv6SSD, Code: LET-25
Dr. ServerChicago3.30Xen1256010051211
Ramnode NYC - ATL - SEA - NL3.50KVM12560301000116SSD Cached
Ramnode NYC - ATL - SEA - NL3.50KVM1256081000116SSD
My Custom HostingMontreal, CA4.00KVM11024102410102415SSD Cached
CrissicFlorida, US4.00OpenVZ4102410241503000116
CrissicFlorida, US4.00KVM25120252000116
Deploy FalconNew York, US4.00OpenVZ225625682001No IPv6
LeapSwitchFrankfurt, DE5.00OpenVZ15122562233311Code: LEOVPSB
VultrMultiple Location5.00KVM176801510001No IPv6SSD Disk
DigitalOceanMultiple Location5.00KVM151202010001YesFree $10 Promo : SHIPITFAST
PromotheusTexas, US5.00Xen1256010100014SAS
VPS Plaza Singapore - Malaysia5.40OpenVZ125625630100011
Dr. ServerChicago5.50Xen15120256102411
My Custom HostingMontreal, CA6.00KVM33072307230307215SSD Cached
CrissicFlorida, US6.00KVM27680402500216
ExpertVMSingapore, SG6.99KVM12560202501No IPv6
LeapSwitchFrankfurt, DE7.00OpenVZ17682563344411Code: LEOVPSC
Host UsAtlanta, US7.00OpenVZ43000300015050003No IPv6
One Asia HostSingapore, SG7.00OpenVZ1256512202001No IPv6

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